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As a proud members of IAATI, membership number: IN-00841-UK we will keep you appraised of up and coming IAATI events.

IAATI UK in partnership with Police will host a Vehicle Crime Seminar as soon as we can safely do so under the current conditions.

The next event for IAATI members will concentrate on vehicle examination both physical and electronic bwith other additional elements.

Hear and see what can be achived (Subject to change) from the following industries in regard of vehicle crime:

  • National Vehicle Crime Police Perspective

  • The Perspective from the Insurance ombudsman (Theft/Fraud)

  • Insurers view 

  • Cybercrime 

  • OEM perspective

  • HGV crime 

  • Motorcycle crime

  • Connected vehicles 

Please click here for more details as the conference is constructed

If you are interested in becoming an IAATI member please visit 


I look forward to seeing you there

All the very best



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