Simon Ashton

Having worked with the Organised Vehicle Crime Unit, part of New Scotland Yard, Simon had a direct and unique responsibility to work with vehicle manufacturers and insurers to recognise the risk, harm, and threat, from vehicle theft and fraud. This is identified through the analysis and knowledge of criminal behaviour and methods used to attack and steal vehicles. 

Simon worked within training police officers in auto identification not only for the Metropolitan police but the UK as a whole. He also trained officers for the Vehicle Industry, the Insurance Industry and those recognised companies within the security world and now VSST Ltd to problem profile areas of vulnerability and continue working to 'Design out Crime'.

Simon’s main responsibility within London's Metropolitan Police area was identifying the current attack methods and modern devices used to orchestrate theft which was and still is organised and targeted. ''This area of speciality and expertise allowed me to be a conduit between the Police and outside organisations and the Law Enforcement network''. 

As a result Simon sat on various panels and boards, some of which he chaired, throughout the UK, sharing the knowledge and expertise he had attained. 
An example of the panels are: The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group (MCRG), Thatcham Vehicle Security liaison group, the British Vehicle Rental Leasing Association (BVRLA), as well as the Home Office groups that he advised. 

Simon’s area of work did not only impact on cars, but also commercial vehicles, motorcycles and plant equipment, and areas of Insurance fraud. Areas of success have directly impacted on the Home Office concerning keyless vehicle theft; the CESAR security marking scheme on Plant and Agricultural machinery and the MASTER scheme which is a similar system for motorcycles and scooters.

After retiring from the Metropolitan police Simon started working as a vehicle security consultant and has now joined forces with VSST Ltd, promoting TASSA as a solutions provider. All of this knowledge and experience will be used to ensure VSST Ltd customers get solutions for vehicle crime problems that we all face.

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